Wednesday, September 19, 2007


feelings bunch up,
fear shoulders aside confidence and
love and pragmatism
play chess
pragmatism is quicker on the timer
but love takes its time
grief and denial play a game of badminton
grief goes for the kill
denial plays a steady game
but falters at the end
slam the shuttlecock
smile for the birdie

do tea and coffee talk?
the steaming containers open slightly
to let out wisps of Wisecrack
sugar is silent and stoic
when one would expect it to walk around
with a lampshade on its head


fear sets up shop, cracks open the sports page
concern has been relegated to dishwashing
fear cocks back its bowler and fires up a cigar
fear talks like a '30s gangster
cigar is teethed in the corner of the mouth:
"see that blank room, sonny? i want you to walk into it
and take a seat. life is life. the dark horse is a mudder."


buxindi said...

i understand, adam. tears in my eyes.

Me_Again said...

aww Bomb-Bomb...just breathe...
Your feeling is wordless...

Nanette said...

Such a talent to pull the reader in--very poignant.

Melissa said...

the steaming containers open slightly to let out wisps of Wisecrack - I am picturing it.

Corwin Elliott said...

Haha... you said "cock" twice...

gummy said...

my heart goes out to you ... that's a powerful piece and thanks for writing it ... I know it's yours but it somehow captures something for me as well ...I've got no words for this time, just an ache ...