Friday, January 14, 2011


I am sad. The dictionary that I have....

The love of my life just informed me that, no, the dictionary that I have had since 1992--someone had left it on the desk in a Journalism class--is not half-full, that it does not end on "praline."

"It's under there, babe!" she squealed, pointing at the end table. "See," she said, fluttering pages beneath my nose, "it ends on 'zombie!'"

My apologizes to Daniel Webster. My tangible love for words is restored.

(She also taped it together. I said to use duct tape--it's more utilitarian--but she wanted to use packing tape. We used both!)

--Adam Burrier

Professor Burrier wrote the above. His dictionary he assumed was only half there. You see beacause he only had the half of it. The other half lay under the coffee table (he must've forgotten it was old and tattered) which I grabbed joyfully (I fixed yet another problem) and proceeded to repair with duct and packing tape. Finally, praline and zombie are re-united...and it feels so good.
--Meagan Spurck

By the way, all I can think of now is a--LOL--"pralined zombie." Back together, and it Tastes so Good! Brains, that is! Like ice cream. Pralined Zombie Treats.
--Adam Burrier

Now, I have to rebut with my own wit and impressive wiriting skills. Sometimes, all it takes is a little thing, a twist of words, an experience to bring us together. Call it fate or destiny or pralined zombies...all I know is this, when you find your soul mate, the one whose words collide with your own on deeper levels that you have ever known. You'll know...that pralined zombies are the next best thing to sex.
--Meagan Spurck

I concur. Words and laughter--laughter, especially--can be just as good as sex. What does that say about sex? That it is all-good, all-knowing, but that, sometimes, life experiences (Fate and Destiny) can sometimes mean more. In my case, sex only lasts an hour, an hour-and-a-half, at most. But gut-busting laughter--and the brain-drugs in which it incites..? That lasts Forever. And I feel--know--that I am a lucky man. She is my best friend. (Even though I'll end up eating her pralined brains.)
--Adam Burrier

Sunday, January 09, 2011


Is Love, sweet Love.

You! Yes, you! You are either a good person or a bad person.

Which one are you?

The world has always been Krazee.

But it seems to me that it is gettin' crazier.

Who would shoot to death a nine-year-old girl?

Not me.

No, some dumb-assed freak in the Southwest. Arizona.

Dude walked into some "town meeting" and opened fire. He killed six.

He wounded twenty other world-sharers.

He blasted a nine-year-old girl's face off.


Did he disagree with "Government"?

So what. I disagree all the time. But I have Love in my heart.

Sunday, January 02, 2011


A day late, but the thought is still the same: I hope that 2011 is a great year for you all.