Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Making the Bus Monitor Cry" So...a bus monitor is 68 years old. She has a belly. She is minding her own business. She is making sure the hooligans on the bus--the 12, 13, and 14-year-olds don't get out of line. A video surfaced on YouTube in which the viewer is grnated a ten-minute POV of Bully. A grandmother got bullied? Yes. The kids were like hyenas. Check it out on YouTube under the title of this blog. Four or five kids really "stuck it to her", for what reason I don't know. But I have a theory: They could. For more than ten minutes they made her life a living hell. They poked at her, they called her a fat-ass, they called her poor, they called her trailer trash, they made fun of her belly, they intimated that she loves her some Twinkies, some asshole brought up suicide...and she took it. She cried, sure, but what else could she do? If she had gotten out of her seat and (what I would have liked to see) grabbed one of the boys by the back of the head and slammed said head into the seat in front of him, she'd be now dealing with criminal charges. Yet the kids escaped. Not necessarily, which is a good thing. The Internet has blown the fuck up over this viral video. There was a collection set up to help K. Klein "go on vacation." I think it is over 600 grand, now. To which I say, good. And also, when I say the Internet has blown the fuck up, I mean that there are also hundreds of responses to the video. The word I've heard the most--and I echo it--is "disgusting". Kids are kids...all right, fine. I'd have never done it, but times have changed. (Thank you, Internet, and 4G cell phones. Thanks.) Sure, times have changed. But how is this acceptable? It. Ain't. The kids need a lashing. They need to somehow try to develop Empathy. The monsters can write all the apology letters they want...they committed an assault. I am sure the dicks in question thought that they were just playing a game. A game does not denote demoralizing another human being, nor does it imply that "ain't nothing gonna happen to me." Karma is a bitch, kiddos. It'll come back around. So save your fucking apologies that your parents made you write. Save them. At the age of seven y'all should know the Golden Rule. And if you missed out? You missed out big-time. On a happier note, because this disgusting display went viral, there was a collection set up for Frau Klein. The hope was to raise 5000 dollars for her to go on a good vacation. The support never stopped. The last I heard, the total of the incoming had exceeded 500 grand. That'll be a hell of a "vacation." She better get every cent. Peace. And if you feel the need to bully? Bully your own damned self.