Monday, May 28, 2012

OFF--I have been off my blog for a while, and so I was a little pissed when I came back to my page. Apparently, the "platform", the "set-up" I'm on, the "Blogspot" I am on decided to mix up the pallette. Why?! Now I feel like a damned neophyte again, trying to figger ou' how to scratch a "kat" symbol onto the fucking wall. Well, what's done is done. If I ever feel like commenting on this site more than once in a blue moon, I reckon I'll figure this shit out.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

APATHY The place in which I work is located--smack-dab--next to an urgent care medical place. I was up for a delivery, so I was glad. I walked out the door and damn-near stumbled over a young woman sitting on the curb. She had painted her toenails blue. She had her head buried in her hands and I could not discern a breath from her. She was like a statue. "It's gonna be all right," I said to her. She was like a statue. I could not discern a breath from her. I took my delivery, thinking often of what I should say to her. It ain't my business, I know, but.... I came back to the shop and the statue was still there. She had not moved an inch; she had not shifted a bit. I began to think, is she dead? I think, actually, she was thinking the same fucking thing. Am I dead? Where is God? Why?! Listen: I am a dick. Through all medical no-no's, I survive. I am resplendant in being a fucking cock. But I could not just walk past a sufferer. That wouldn't be Christian, would it? You know how many people walked past her? Four that I could count. Where the hell did Compassion go? lse Obviously, the girl got some bad fucking news. She statued. But, you know, you can't go giving Love to every poor sufferer, right? Why not. Why not? Is there some kind of stupid motherfuckig quota on that? Love. Just love. And maybe not even love...just have some compassion. Have some fucking empathy. Sorry. It just pisses me off. What'd I say when I came back from the delivery? Something stupid like, "Are you okay?" I could have said much more. I coulda said, "It's a set-back. Be strong." Or this: "I have been through the wringer. I have faith in God and Jesus Christ. Also? I think I have blood cancer--I am bruising very easily. Look to the sky, sister. That is the only answer." Or I could have said this: "Ervin 'Magic' Johnson is AIDS-free, now." Or...I could have just walked right on by. Like most-everyone else. Or did they? She wuddn't dere, all de Milo, when I got back from another delivery. She was gone-baby-gone. Maybe a passerby had some compassion. Or maybe she up off her ass and went home. Where she could cry in silent privacy. --theend.