Thursday, September 13, 2007


Check this out. Not only is this woman intelligent and as cute as a button, but she also takes some kick-ass pictures. I particularly liked the shot of the shark surfacing.

Wow. Is all.


Nanette said...

Isn't that a great one! And, isn't it funny how small the blogosphere appears to be at times!

Nice title! (ten year old boy here)

Me_Again said...

You're right, as usual...geesh...

Tirzah said...

Yikes! That pic of the shark, mouth wide open...Ahhhh!

Terry said...

That shark pic? OMG! The reason I can NOT be a marine biologist. I stopped going into the ocean after Jaws.

Anonymous said...

Heather is a big fat fake! She stole her pictures off the internet!
boat sign
more whales

FRITZ said...

Hello, fellow Detroiter!

The ocean blog is not real. I 'kinda' know of the blogger who set it up...all he does is set up fake blogs with fake personas and then harrass people.

It's all false.

But everyone is welcome to come to my blog! I am also cute as a button and take kick-ass pictures of...Detroit!

What a genuine good time!

The One and Only A said...

That's some kuh-kuh-krazy sheet, Fritz. Fake blogs? WTF?! Amazing what people do, sometimes.

Detroiter? I think I've got you beat. Does Harwood Street ring a bell? I think I probably live about three miles from you and yours. Small world, huh?

PS--I think I'm a-gonna have to delete that fake blog bullspit. Posthaste.

PPS--Good luck with the puppy. They're a joy and also a pain in the ass, sometimes. ;-)