Sunday, March 30, 2008


For my 35th birthday, I asked for the start of the MLB season. And guess what? I got the gift!


Though the weather has not been co-operating recently, this is the official start of Spring for me. The start of the baseball season. Rebirth, green, flowers, the sun on my face. This is one of the best times of the year.

I can't wait to see how the Deeeeeeeeee-troit Tigers do this year. They have one of the most potent lineups in the Bigs, but their pitching--the bullpen especially--has me thinking that this may be a Rolaids season, replete with blown leads and blown saves and last-inning offensive heroics and red-hot blistering Louisville Sluggers.

Bring on the baseball, indeed.

By the way, I'm five today--in dog years. Ah, ain't illogical aging grand?


buxindi said...

yep, tomorrow is a big day for me, also. with 15/14 in their preseason games, all i can say is, i hope they were saving themselves for the REAL games. win or lose, though, i am a dyed in the wool fan...always have been and always will be. hope they are not rained out tomorrow.
and happy birthday again to a terrific son. hope your bowling was good tonight for a birthday present.

Jay said...

I expect the Tigers to be pretty good. I don't know how good, but Cleveland, Minnesota and the Tigers should be a great race all season long.

My Cardinals, on the other hand, might lose 100 games. It makes me sick to see what they are doing to that franchise. The Cards are the new Cubs.

Happy Birthday!

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

Bowling: 164, 132, and 171--not too bad.

They were saving themselves, BooBoo. Isn't it funny, though, that a 15-14 record is cause for concern when, just three or four years ago they challenged for the worst record of all time? Amazing what competent leadership and an owner's willingness to loosen the purse strings can do to make a professional baseball team successful. =o)

I have always been and will always be a Tiger fan, too. It's funny how many people remembered that we have a pro baseball team only when they started to win. Bandwagoners, unite. Oh well, it's just human nature.

Go Tigers.

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Jay. Yeah, the Cards are, historically, one of baseball's grand old teams. It sucks when the shit starts to hit the fan. What happened to them?! They were pretty good a couple of years ago. Are the owners selling the team out from under itself?

By the way, Jay, can you find a chink in the Tigers' offense? I couldn't either. ;-)

Dana said...

Happy Birthday!

We are a baseball family here, too. From Little League, to minor league (Schaumburg Flyers) to professional (Go Mariners!) we get it all!

Melissa said...

Nice bowling, Adam! How many weeks left in your season? We have next week, then done for the summer.

Do you have a fantasy baseball team this year?

Melissavina said...

Oh I love baseball season. I love it love it love it.

And I also think I'd love your birthday cake. What's going on there? I want a slice.

Caleal said...

Happy birthday!

Isabella Snow said...

Happy bday Adam!!!!!!

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

Thanks, DNA! Much appreciated.

Thanks, Melissa. I think there are, like, two sessions left in the season. I *do* have a Fantasy baseball team this year and, so far, they're doing all right. My first two draft picks (Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins) both homered and scored two runs and had two RBI, so I'm off to a good start. =o)

Thanks, Melissa. The slice of my B-day cake is in the mail. YOu should get it soon.

Muchas gracias, Caleal. =o)

Danke shon, Izzy. :-)

JenBun said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, darlin'!!!

Sorry it's late... hope it was a happy one!

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

It *was* happy, Jen Bun. And thanks. =o)