Friday, March 14, 2008


'Tis a day, 'tis a day, 'tis a day, I say
'tis a day that makes me face turn gray
But I climb, I climb, I climb from me bed
and I circle the number in wide blood-red

Next to its neighbour, the twelver-plus-one
the four-bear seems timid, but--oh!--then its won
You see, dear reader, it's so much worse than thirteen
its penchant for mayhem is obscenely obscene

Friday the fourteenth makes me quake in me shoes
for tragedy follows, keep yon eyes on the clews
It's worse than its neighbour, you need to know now
before you stroll, whistling, 'neath a dangling sow

Friday the thirteenth conjures snapshots o' killers
but Friday the fourteenth delivers the chillers
I pray that you read this and watch where you walk
if you don't--I am fearful--you'll be outlined in chalk

So I hope that this warning "brightened" your day
I'm not saying hide, just watch where you play
I pray I'm not Cassy, of ancient Greek lore
who knew all the answers, but was dismissed as a bore


FRITZ said...

Huzzah! The tone! The timbre! The alliterate glee! I read and I read and then I said "Whee!"

Fabulous. You're like an articulate Dr. Seuss. Or maybe the next Ezra Pound?

FRITZ said...

Also: Where do you bowl? Mikey just joined a league up at Thunderbowl Lanes, and he's good. Real good. Aw, yeah.

No, I don't call him Mikey (to his face). And honestly, I call bragging rights to his bowling because I can't, you know, actually bowl.

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

Fritz, breaking out with the "huzzah"! Huzzah, indeed! =o) It is my unformulated dream to be the next Teddy Seuss. I strive day and night and within a light to be as rude as that rhyming dude. We bowl at Pampa Lanes in Warren. Decent alley but the lanes ar FAR too dry. ;-) Thunderbird is good, though and, the greatest thing: they have Air Hockey. Kick-ass game.

Melissa said...

Oh man am I f***ed, I didn't read this until Saturday ...

M@ said...

I was born on Friday the 13th. I think that'd make a good movie or book title about my life.

Me_Again said...

Friday the 13th is a good luck day!;0)
Dr. Bomb-Bomb Beuss

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

I read this fine posting, I read it aloud, and wondered if I had walked 'round in a cloud.

Not knowing the 14th was dire a day, I count myself lucky, I made it OK.

I've noted that I should keep up on my reading, of blog postings keeping me safe with their heeding.