Saturday, November 24, 2007


I just boiled the fuck out of nine eggs. I had set them in the pot on the stove and racheted up the burner and then I came in here and got...distracted. Damn computer! Damn internet!

I think--I'm not entirely sure--but I think that I had the eggs in the boiling water for about 15 minutes longer than they should have been in the boiling water. I have the eggs on simmer, now. Kinda like whistling up at the sky and kicking at some dust, I am hoping that my brain-fart will be overlooked and that the eggs will not be ruined. That would be horrific.

I'll check in later with the results.

It's a wild and kah-RAY-zee Saturday night, here, in Adamland. Cooking eggs (badly). I have to beat the paprazzi of with a stick, I tell ya.


Nanette said...

Probably just a little green around the yolk, right? I've overboiled many an egg. :/ You're so eggcentric. Mwahahaha. I know, it was dumb. I'm leaving now.

Heather said...

Beat the paparazzi of with a stick, eh? What's with your grammar lately? hehe.
I love hard boiled eggs though, even though they're stinky.

Melissa said...

So? Did you test one? How are they? I need to know!

Jay said...

I usually just scramble mine. Put in a little half-n-half to make them fluffy and maybe some shredded cheese.

autumnanjel said...

don't worry. Overboiled eggs are preferred because it confirms that they are not (a) raw, or (b) soft boiled (yech). I won't eat a hard boiled egg unless it has boiled for half an hour. And yes, just a little green around the yolk is the tell tale sign that they are perfect. Chow down.

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

Occassionaly I get on these obsessive cleaning binges. A few weeks ago, my sights were set on our fridge... throwing out bad food, pouring the 6 open bottles of BBQ sauce into one, cleaning it out... I also boiled the last three eggs that were in the fridge while I was doing all of this and decided when I was finished that I really didn't want them, so I put them back in the container (I too over-boiled them).

The next morning while I was at work, my partner took out the same eggs and boiled them for about 15 minutes. After taking a bite, he just about wretched. Apparently they eggs, boiled twice for 15 minute intervals, turn grey and taste like sulpher.

I'm glad I wasn't the taste tester.

The One and Only A said...

No, Nan! Don't go! "Eggcentric" was hilarious! I am still LOL-ing! :-P

Heather: My grammar is suffering. I need to go back to school.

Yeah, the eggs were okay. Maybe an egg salad sammich tomorrow for lunch?!

Jay: Sage words, sir.

Lees: That is a hell of along time to hard-boil an egg! But now I feel safer eating them. =o] Thanks.

IF: LOL Yeah, twice 15-minute boiled eggs probably aren't on the short list of the greatest finger foods evah! :-P

oestrebunny said...

It never occurred to me that you could over boil eggs but I suppose that makes sense.

Sugar Kane said...

Nine eggs? Planning a little Cool Hand Luke action?

The One and Only A said...

I think you can, Bunny. I really do.

Sugar Kane?! Holy shit girl! I thought you ;-)

Melissavina said...

I just found you. And I love you.

The One and Only A said...

Well, thanks, Mel-Vina! I appreciate the kind wordies! I'll link you, too. =o)