Tuesday, August 14, 2007


With the road trip to visit my sister of the North (Alexis in Minnesota) in the rear view mirror, it's time to hunker down and get back into the Work swing of things. God. That sucks. Those four days just flew by. I had a good time, though, and it was great seeing my sisters and doing my "Little Brother" thang, such as surreptitiously jamming my offensive flip flops in the space next to the passenger seat and the passenger door, inches from my unsuspecting sister's head. If you want to, you can read about it here. Hey, I gotta do what I gotta do. Someone once told me not to hide my light under a bushel basket. I took that to heart; I still do.

My "light" is pukish-green and it manisfests itself in the form of lovingly shared bodily odors. It's odor-rific, is what it is! Yeah, seventh grade humor is still fresh in my mind. Hey. It could be worse. I could find smashing watermelons to be the height of comedy.

Here is another funny thing to do: Whilst belted securely in the car, and with the camera cord secured tightly around your wrist, lean out the window [the automobile should be traveling at least 65 miles per hour, but 80 is better] and open your mouth and take a picture of your face. I'll guarantee one thing: If you have been on the road for eleven and a half hours, tired and slappy, the digital capture will leave you hitching in the chest and gasping for breath, you'll be laughing so hard. Then again, when you look at said picture a couple of days later, with your mind loaded down with thoughts of work and murky maturity, it won't seem quite as funny and, in fact, the picture will make you think to yourself, "Well, hell, this is what I'd look like if I had the misfortune to become a waterlogged corpse! I'll be damned!"

It's hideous. It disgusts me, but it's funny.

Anyway. That's it. I had a great time seeing my sisters and my brothers-in-law. Also, I learned that if one wants to get a kick-ass burrito whilst in Duluth, Minnesota, one can't do any better than a burrito from Burrito Union. Damn fine grub. They come in one-fisted and two-fisted sizes. I went with the two-fisted pork burrito. I think it was called The Capitalist. There is a definite Marxist theme to the restaurant, don't ask me why.

I said don't ask.


Melissa said...

It was a fun drive, and three times I laughed so hard I cried. One of those times was at that picture.

Yours was the Fat Capitalist burrito, I believe. The Imperial Chicken was mine, and damn was it good. Still pissed I left the half I'd so lovingly wrapped to be taken home for later.

Looking forward to our next trip together!

Jay said...

That picture is a classic dude!

Nanette said...

Laughter is good. Laughing at yourself when giddy and tired, the best evah!

I won't ask, I'm very tempted, but I won't do it.

Do you smell something? sniff sniff Did you just fart? ;)

The One and Only A said...

Too true, melissa. Too true. =o)

Jay: Yeah, if by classic you mean a little throw-up in the mouth moment, I fully agree!

The Trip o' Odor, Nighthawk. The Trip o' Odor. :-/

Jennifer said...

gotta love minnesota! :)

were you attacked by the state bird? AKA: mosquitos

Tirzah said...

Gotta love the picture...it cracks me up too and I wasn't even there!

The One and Only A said...

You a Minnesotan, Jennifer? =o) Beautiful state...and, no, luckily, very few mosquitos--those basta'ds.

T-zah: Yeah, it's hideous, but it was for a good cause: gut-busting laughter. =o)

buxindi said...

i laughed so hard i nearly fell off of my stool. i am so glad you got that camera, adam, and had it at the ready for that trip. being in the backseat for 1500 miles, evidently, can play trick with your mind; so what better way to pass the time than with your camera. by the time this picture was taken, you had probably exhausted all other picture possibilities. re-e-eally funny!

The One and Only A said...

Thanks, BooBoo. =o)

I love my camera. I'm debating upon whether I should get it surgically-attached to my right hand. Yea or nay? ;-)