Thursday, August 02, 2007


So, I was listening to talk-radio today at work and they were talking about the I-35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis in which there are four or five confirmed deaths and many tens more (most likely) confined to their watery deaths in the Mississippi River. It is assuredly a tragic situation all the way around.

The host of the show (Stephanie Miller, a manic woman but an acquired taste, in my estimation) cut away from the talking to go to a live Presidential press conference, one in which Bushie would probably read from his teleprompter the speech that someone else had written for his simianac self, one in which he would most likely call on God to show the victims' families mercy and strength in this tough time.

He must have been going off-the-cuff; I think he made his own speech, this time.

Half a minute after expressing his sympathies for the people who had been killed or come up missing in the collapse--half a minute!--the Curious One was off and running, laying ostensible blame at the feet of the Democaratic Congress for not getting Transportation bills signed and passed and so on. Hold on a second, Your Highness.

Aren't you the same jackass that has vetoed scores of bills and, basically, opposed Congress at pretty much every turn? Aren't you the (corrupt) moron who has invoked "Executive Privilege" with about five people who have been called to testify--by Congress, no less--in the firings of the eight U.S. attorneys?

Corruption and dishonor and disingenuousness drip from this Administration.
Would someone please begin the process of impeachment of both him and Cheney? In fact, throw out the whole lot. They're all covering each other's asses and in bed with Big Business. They care not a whit for the average American.

The $12,000 a second Iraq War price tag could be put to better use. How? Oh, I don't know. There are many ways, but here's one: I may be going out a limb, here, but how about putting the money that is being used to destroy any good grace we might have had in the Middle East and putting money that is birthing more Islamic hate and fanaticism to use here in...America? We could use it to--oh, I don't know--repair the crumbling infrastructure.

Many many bridges in the United States are either "structurally deficient" or now obsolete due to increased traffic and larger heavier vehicles.

I just couldn't believe what I was hearing when our "Leader" bounced, in the same breath, from mourning the tragedy of the bridge collapse right to pimping himself and his policies and denigrating the Democrats. It disgusted me. No one can be that moronically callous.

Can they?
*Edit. Here is a link to the press conference: Hypocrite speaks. Um. "Fiscally-responsible" spending?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Take a look in the mirror, jerk-off.


Kristina said...

You know... I don't even know what to say about all of that. It's just disgraceful.

I think you did a nice job, though.

buxindi said...

i 2nd kristina's comment. i'm afraid that some people should never speak "off the cuff".

The One and Only A said...

Thanks, KId.

Boo-Boo: Right?! Especially this dude, our "Leader," a manhandling the unwilling American public to a place that they don't want to apparently deaf "leader," to boot. Political rant? Over.

Nanette said...

God damn! Will someone please assassinate that fuckwad?

Jay said...

Yeah, and right after his press conference where he said that the bridge would be rebuilt the White House sent out a release pointing out that the state of Minn. is responsible for rebuilding the bridge. He's just offering prayers. That should be enough.

Of course he's going to Minneapolis this weekend. I'm sure he'll have his sleeves rolled up in the photo-ops.

Me_Again said...

Such a sad state of the world. How can anyone believe that he is speaking for God? Oh wait, he thinks he is GOD. I'm running away to a commune - wanna come?

The One and Only A said...

Careful, Nighthawk. :-O We live in different times, now, and our First Amendment rights are becoming gossamer. People could disappear--snap!--like that. I'd settle for impeachment and a swift kick in the ass.

He's about as genuine as a cardboard cut-out, Jay. And, no, after he and his thugs have so perverted the canon of laws in this country, 15 million prayers wouldn't be enough.

Meeg: Sadly, there *are* still people out there--under a rock, methinks--who support him and his...regime...and beleive that he speaks for righteousness and Godly values when, in fact, the guy is about as polar to Christian "benevolence" as a wolf is to vegetarianism. See ya at the commune. Will it at least have running water? ;-)

Melissa said...

Over 150,000 bridges in similar disrepair across the nation, Adam. At least according to CNN or whatever I caught sight of tonight. Apparently it IS the states that are responsible for that sort of thing, but how many people do you know willing to raise taxes?

About Bush ... God help us.

Oestre-Bunny said...

Well apparently they can.

The man is an utter moron.

Jennifer said...

sad to say nothing that "man" says (or dosen't) suprises me anymore.

Sylvia said...

I have no words for his shit anymore.
How i love that hes sending a bunch of money over there and it took him HOW LONG to get some help to New Orleans after Katrina??


The One and Only A said...

No one wants to pay mopre taxes, Meliss, but I reckon it is a part of living with a stable infrastucture. We shouldn't have to play unwilling Russian Roulette with the bridges. :-/

I agree, Laura, with your assessment of the Presidential Cluelessness.

Hi Jennifer. Agreed.

Yeah, Missile. It's getting EXTREMELY frustrating. To say the absolute least.

Sugar Kane said...

Well said my friend.

Nocturnal said...

Bottom line, anybody who supports this fuck is more inbred than the backwards ass country fuck himself.

The One and Only A said...

Sugar Kane: I am most-humbly grateful for your kind werdz. =o)

Nocturnal: I agree whole-fucking-heartedly with that succinct bottom line. The sad thing is...there still are people who support him. I have no *idea* what they're on, but I'm thinking Kool-Aid.

David said...

Simianic. Love it! Simian in Chief.

autumnanjel said...

Nobody could have said it better. I know of no one who supports this monster. I cannot believe after all of the devestation he has caused this country, that he still manages to hold support from some stupid idiots. C'mon 2008 election day!!