Tuesday, July 10, 2007


i unzip my ribs and offer my heart
streaming and steaming
a plump tomato in my palm

the sky behind is black and gray and
gray and gray and yellow
zashes her black with purple cumulus

the coyotes croon and the
ache of of the ice cube river flows
through the plush green evers

my heart streams and steams
gossamer wisps
wisps cling, sheen my forearm

tongue-tied, tied, my tongue
stammer and sploosh
"addles and gender crowns, i'm here all week"

i grin, then, all gnashy incisors and
cupid-ing in an enamel bow

"take it," i say and
i squeeze my heart into
her waiting hand

let us begin


Corwin Elliott said...

'"take it," i say and
i squeeze my heart into
her waiting hand

let us begin'

So did Saturday night's "good signs" lead to something? :P

Jay said...

And she took my heart, slammed it to the ground and then stomped on it repeatedly. Oh wait. That was MY experience. Disregard.

So, did she take the heart and keep it?

Melissa said...

Goodness! Does this mean you've fallen for her? Perhaps a little nervous about, well, unzipping your ribs?

The One and Only A said...

We'll see, Core. We'll see.

It looks good, Jay. I was basically just fucking around with poi-tree, though. It's just an evil coincidence that this post comes right after the "Signs" post. Or...is it? :-O BTW, great imagery. lol

Back to the all-important All-Star game. This time? It counts! :-P

The One and Only A said...

Naw...just experimenting with words, Missy. Maybe I shouldn't have posted this. But, yeah, I like-y, I like-y.

[perhaps i should become a more private person, he admonishes himself]

Drea said...

Yay for Adam getting some lovin!
Go on... unzip those ribs and throw that heart at her...sounds like a genuine connection.

Fingers (& eyes & toes..) crossed that all goes fab.

The One and Only A said...

Thanks, Drea! =O) Could you do me a favor and cross some veins, too? Just don't do like they did in "Ghostbusters" and cross the streams...that can be dangerous!