Thursday, April 03, 2008


Eye. Am. Bwaneded.

Or so it feels. Perhaps I am just bored. Who knows? I feel that I want to write an extremely sexually-graphic blogpost. Either that or an extremely violent blogpost. Maybe a combination? Yeah, I'm definitely bored.
On the plus side, I went to the Community Center today--after I got off of work early--and I played three games of basketball. So that was good. I got the ole blood pumping and I exercised me lungs a bit. Also I sweat out some toxins and I connected with some real live people instead of a computer keyboard.

Also, since I went to the C.C. virtually right after I got home, I was--sadly?--unable to take my daily nap. Listen: naps are great, they really are. But, to me, they seem to be more of an escape mechanism for me (from Boredom with a capital b) than an essential part of a 35-year-old man's day. I am not a baby. Nor am I an eighty-year-old. I don't need daily naps. And, without said nap, I should be able to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. 1:00 and 1:30? Those aren't reasonable times to retire to the bedroom.

The key is Exercise. That's the key, damn it!

I'm blathering. I am blathering because I am bored. I might be well-off to get a hobby. Maybe I could make little Monster Miniatures. Have the Wolf-Man posed up on my shelf, snarling at the rainy sky. Or the Invisible Man. See him? Nor do I. Which sucks, because it took me three times as long to complete him, seeing as how I kept losing him all the time. Maybe I could make a traintrack down in the basement, have it snake and weave through bundled stuff and underneath the ping-pong table and past the doggies' cage. Wouldn't that be swell?! Maybe I could wield a drawring pen and create vast panoramas of desolate desert scenes. Maybe I could include camouflaged Daffy Ducks in the scenery. Kinda make it like a "Where's Daffy?" type of thing. Waldo? Eat your heart out.

Maybe I could just read a book and go to sleep. Maybe I could surf the Interwebs for porn, porn, porn. Maybe I could wash the dishes or wash my sheets. Maybe I could scour the bathroom or brush the dogs' fur coats. Maybe I could juggle pennies; maybe I could shave my head (and maybe my balls) and then take a shower. That sounds good. Thanks for being my sounding board, y'all.

BORED: Bring On Rigorous Erectile Dynamics

BORED: Barring Obvious Ramifications, Everybody Dreams


Ah, fuggit.



Jay said...

Maybe you should take up scrapbooking to keep you busy. haha

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

There is this store in a neighboring town, Jay, that is called "I [heart image] Scrapbooking." Many times, when I drove past it, I caught glimpses of middle-aged women sitting at round tables, paper products strewn amid steaming mugs of what I assumed to be tea. EVERY time I drove past that place, I shuddered. The corny estrogen was just BLASTING through those glass windows. It was horrible. I'd imagine what hell it would be to be cooped up in that prison as Bettys and Robertas glue-pasted their damned kiddie pictures to glistening white pages. Trapped in that place for hours upon end, assaulted by conversations of PTA meetings and how Bobby did in soccer and how Sally wants to be a fucking ballerina. Egads, man. Egads.

So, in summation, hell YEAH! Scrapbooking sounds GREAT! ;-)

Heather said...

Hmm, you do sound rather enamoured of scrapbooking :P I fell asleep after work myself, so I totally understand how much that dooms the sleep cycle! Maybe I should come shoot hoops with you ;-)
(Except I'm a little wary since I was playing with the boys last night and got hit in the face with the ball hard enough to bend my glasses :P)

oestrebunny said...

I love taking naps. I only wish I had time to take more :(

....sexually explicit is always a good way to go by the way ;)

JenBun said...

Is it bad that I am incredibly entertained by your boredom post? Ironic, perhaps. Ask Alanis. :P

I looooooooooooooove (LOVE) taking naps, but they do mess with your sleep-y schedule. And, after reading countless articles about what messed-up sleep can do to your nervous system, I decided to go move around more when I get off work.

On one of my rambles to the park (with the pittie in tow, of COURSE), I met a cute boy with whom I would like to... *ahem*... "take a nap." (Hooray euphemisms!)

So perhaps that sexually explicit blog post is in order... ;)

Melissavina said...

When I'm bored I watch informercials. I wouldn't recommend it. Good luck finding something awesome. Scrap booking is one option I guess.

buxindi said...

when you feel bored, it is a perfect time to take louie and ollie for a walk. it could become a habit. not only would they like it, you would get a bit of EXERCISE. just a suggestion. i'm sure you've been thinking of it also. and the weather looks like it is about to cooperate. viva la spring!

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

Let's shoot 'em up, Muirnie.

I shall write a sexually-explicit blog in honor of you, Bunny Bleu. :-)

It's about as ironic as finding a housefly in your glass of wine, Jen. :-/ Moving around more after getting off of work? Sounds like a fantastic plan! =o)

Sure, Melissa, scrapbooking *is* an option...just not mine. :-P

BooBoo: Viva la spring, indeed! =o) And, sure, Ol and Lou (Lou and Ol) would love going for a walk. I'll do it later today, seeing as how it is 12:40 right now. =o)

Nanette said...

I vote for shaving your junk and taking a shower. Clean as a whistle. (Happy Belated Birthday by the way--see what happens when I take a break from the binaries, I miss all sorts of important events.)

Me_Again said...

!?!What *you* don't like scrapbooking?
I'll give you something to do ;0)

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Nighthawk. And...junk shaved. (I love how my Mom reads this thing and I'm talking about shaving my...boys.) :-P

Meegie, m'Meegie: You'll give me *what* to do, Meegicita? Beat you in Trivial Pursuit? Massage (muh-sawg-gee) your oh-so smooth feet? Beat you in Trivial Pursuit *whilst* massaging your feet? Okay. Let's. (Can you tell that I want to break in that great Trivial Pursuit game that I got for $2.65 at the Salvation Army in Flint? :-D)

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

By the way, Nighthawk, you gotta start blogging again. I, um, ask you with a cherry on top. :-)

Nanette said...

No can do at this point...sigh. I'm so behind on even reading my favorite blogs--I can't even fathom writing. :)