Friday, February 29, 2008


Got damn! I am so fricking uninspired. To do a lick of anything. What the hell? What gives? Even keystrokes are an effort, my fat fingers fumbling an "F" instead of a "D," a "K" instead of an "L."

I look out the window and through the gray of my omni-fucking-present cigarette smoke, the day is gray. And gray. And, oh yes, gray. Snowflakes flitter slowly down, rendering the backyard a soft white carpet.

I swallow some more of the omni-fucking-present coffee. The inside of my stomach is a friggin Starbucks. But without all the hype and the pretentiousness.

My dogs are somewhere. Wait, I know where they are: one of them will be laying by the heating vent and the other will be curled, snout to tail, on the overstuffed armchair.

I look out the window again. Yup, still gray. And gray. And, oh yes, gray.

By some (man-made) cosmic accident, today is a day that only comes around once every four years. If you were born on a Leap Year, would you celebrate your birthday on February 28th or on March 1st? I think I would celebrate mine on March 1st--kind of like a rebirth thing. February is just so fucking dreary. March is a month with purpose; just look at the name, for God's sake! March to it. Whereas February is a month in which even the spelling is a pain in the ass. How many times did you spell it (or pronounce it) "Febuary," with the "R" nowhere to be found? Shit, I just looked at the kee-rect spelling of the word and it reminded me of "mortuary." Maybe it's just the kind of mood that I'm in.

In the adjoining room, Bob Marley says to me: "Open your eyes, and look within/ are you satisfied with the life you're living?"

Well, Bobby, for the most part, yes. Thanks for asking, sir.

Now Marley sings, "Ex-ee-dous! Movement of jah people."

Exodous, indeed, Bobby. Exodous out of this gray fucking world and into a green one, resplendent with the smell of freshly-mown grass and burgers on the grill and images of blue skies and white puffed clouds.


Melissa said...

Wait, it's gray out? That must be why my back is turned firmly to the window. I have had it up to here with that shit. I refuse to turn around until April.

I'd celebrate my Leap Year birthday on February 28. To change a whole month name (wtf?) would seem difficult. Then again, it would have BEEN March 1 three years out of four ... thank God I was born in October and don't have to worry about this. I'd go with March 1. End of story.

Dana said...

I'm right there with you. Gray, with 5 foot piles of gray on every street corner and at the end of every driveway.

My son missed a February 29th b-day by 9 hours and 3 minutes (he was born on March 1st). Had he been a leap year baby I'd have made him wait until the day AFTER his birthday to celebrate.

Jay said...

Feb is a pretty nasty month. I think I would celebrate on March 1 too. I always consider March as the beginning of the spring anyway. Especially since it's in the 60s here. And sunny. Oh .. sorry .. I mean .. Damn gray days! haha

Nanette said...

Amen brother! I need the spring.

I think I would choose to only celebrate on the actual day--eternal youth. Damn woman, you sure you're only 9? ;)

Ambitious Blonde said...

I'm with ya on the shitty weather. I've made more than a few threatening gestures skyward with my knitting needles in regards to it.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature must not feel terribly threatened by knitting needle wielding blonde women because not much has changed, except that she has now chosen to taunt me with more snow.

Heather said...

Well aren't you just cheerfulness personified ;-) Hang in there, friend! I'd probably go with March 1st.

buxindi said...

i guess it was gray today. but i loved seeing the snow lightly falling outside the window (even if i did have to shovel later). as it turned out, i had errands to of which was going to kmart for a coloring book for my granddaughter, whose 3rd birtday is march 4th. while there, i picked up 2 planting trays and about 6 packets of seeds. while in line, the woman behind me said "there is someone who didn't see the snow outside". i said "but downstairs, under the gro
lights, it will be spring". it was just coincidental that i got the seeds today, but i'll be so busy getting them ready downstairs that i won't notice that the snow will gradually decrease and the sunny days will slowly increase. i guess we are always ready for the next season a little before it comes. hurray for 4 seasons in michigan.

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

Melissa: Turn around. It's a blue sky day, now.

Dana: Five foot piles of gray snow?! Aye-yi-yi!

Jay: You gotta rub it in, huh? ;-)

Nan: Eternal youth. Sounds like a good thing to me. =o)

Blondie: I think this comes down to not messin' with Ma Nature. She'll always win. (Though I'd be a little scared if you pointed those knittin' needles at me!) :-O

Heather: I am always cheerful! And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell ya! :-P

BooBoo: Yeah, I do indeed like the change of the seasons. I really do--it's just the cold and snow that were wearing on me. I'm *much* better now, though. **tic**

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

You need to get yourself a light, ASAP.

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

LOL, IFfy. I think I'll get my light from the Great Outdoors. My gray phase was just that--a phase. And, you know? I looked all over that site and I couldn't find a price.