Tuesday, February 12, 2008


"May I have the...Beagle, please?" Thus spoke Dr. Something-or-other Something-or-other, the final judge at the 2008 Westminster Kennel Dog Show. Uno, the fifteen-incher had just ended a quarter-century Best In Show drought for Beagles.

I felt good for the Beagle. Having been blessed with Oliver, here, for the last seven or eight months, I have come to love the Beagles' stubborn ways and intense hunger for both attention and food. I have come to respect the Beagles' world-class noses; I have come to love their melty butter-pat eyes. Their character is dynamic; they own the room.

Uno was a good choice: a perfect specimen and he had that it quality. The commentators referred to him as a "rock star" and, while that may be stretching it a bit, the dog definitely carried himself with some pizzaz. To attribute some human qualities to the bastard, he looked like he felt he was above all the superfluous pomp and circumstance. He knew he was the best dog: Yawn. Just gimme the trophy and be done widdit, okay?

However, if I'd been one of the judges, I would have made sure that this guy was in the final group. And i would have judged him Best In Show. The Neopolitan Mastiff. All wrinkles, jiggles and lope.


Caleal said...

I always like the Golden Retrievers.
And Vizslas.
And German Shepherds.

I'm a big dog kinda girl.

I've been known to yell at the screen and get mad when a little shit dog wins out over my Goldens.
Like cocker spaniels. How useless are they?!

Melissa said...

We liked the beagle and Akita. The Neopolitan Mastiff looked like he was wearing a suit at least three sizes too big, and I loved how he moved. There were great looking dogs all around!

Nanette said...

Ooh! I missed the show. I am off to see if I can catch a re-run. :)

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

Damn it... I meant to watch the show. I'm down with you as far as Neopolitan Mastiffs are concerned. Amazing dogs, though I'm not sure we have the square footage for one.

I'm jonesing for a French Bulldog. Who knows if that day will ever come. We're both never home but still...

Oh, and caleal... You've obviously never owned a Cocker Spaniel. Amazing creatures.

buxindi said...

i was rooting for uno, too. he did have that: "i'm just going through the motions for you people. i feel secure with myself and don't need a trophy to prove it; but if you want me to take it home, i will". as far as the other dogs go, i marvel at their patience and enjoy each of them for what they are. i love dogs.
p.s. i was glad for ollie to have had a winner represent him.

Me_Again said...

I saw Uno on the Today Show, today. He is a very handsome dog!
I do love dogs, even though...

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

I agree with you for the most part, Caleal. I too like bigger dawgz. But now I have both a big dog (Lou) and a small dog (Beagle Oliver) so I've had my eyes opened to the joy o' small dogs. =o)

Missy: I know, wasn't the N. Mastiff cool as helk?!

Nighthawk: I'm sure--quite sure--that they'll replay it sometime. Break out the Tivo.

IFfy: French bulldog, eh? Aren't those the ones that kinda look like a Pug, all bulging eyes and upturned noses? They look to me like they're always one step away from a nervous breakdown...LOL. How about you and yours gettin' a Great Dane? You could call 'im Marmaduke. :-P

BooBoo: Yep, Oliver was quite pleased. As for Uno: you hit the nail right on the top. He was so cocksure, he was almost a rooster. =:O)

Meegie: I know...your dog-gone allergies...see what I did there? It's so punny, I dropped an 'F' and picked up some pee. :-P See you at 7:08(9).

Anonymous said...

All hail beagies!! u know who this iz!