Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well, now....

In about an hour and a half (Eastern Standard Time--and, nope, I ain't know when she was birthed) my sister Melissa will be thirty-seven years young. I'm not sure exactly what time she was born in to this world, but, irregardless, tomorrow is the first of October and, thusly, it is my dear sister's birthday.

Wake the neighbourhood! Start the parties, but get into no rows! Please, if someone gets out of hand, kick him or her to the kerb.

This is about celebration. This is not about rowdiness.

Crack a Bass or a Watney's, enjoy a shepherd's pie. Pop an Altoids. Pretend your wristwatch is Big Ben. (Listen for the dongs.)

:-) Happy birthday, Melissa:


Watch the kerb...irregardless, should of, her's, it's (in the wrong context), their they're and there (in the wrong contextuality), neighbourhood...eggs.

You're present, ma'am:


I'm buying Meliss a box of Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese for her birthday.



buxindi said...

i believe she was born at approx. 11:19 p.m. on oct. 1. we will begin celebrating tomorrow and on through sunday. not sure what time on sunday, but i sure hope you have the day off---no surprise overtime, consumers, thank you very much. she is certainly our honeybee. sweet as ever. see you sunday.

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

I will be there, BooBoo. Sunday is perfect.


No overtime at the gas company....


At *that* time.


Melissa said...

For the last time, I am NOT an anglophobe! My beef is when Americans (you) deliberately add a U to a word in which it's uncalled for, American spelling-wise. You know that, and exploit it!

And thank you for teasing me with the irregardless and the should of and the their they're there. You know I love it :)

Melissa said...

And OH MY GOD am I happy to see you deleted that other post! The sentiments were very nice, but the picture ... good Lord.

(Google Reader knows all, mein bruder)

JenBun said...


Happy Birthday to your sister!! :)

(What a good brother...)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday yesterday Melissa! Sorry I'm a day late. I are teh suck!

Frank said...

I wish I had me some mac and cheese right about now...

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Bday Wishes to Sis-Meliss! Most definately! I heart your brother, therefore, I heart you too.

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

Jenny: You da Queen.

Tizzy: Pshaw. You suck *nothing*. =)

Frank: How about gettin off your young-20s ass and walking to the KornerMart and fucking buying some macaroni? And then?! COOK it.

Terry-Tesa: I love you, too. You are a great Internet friend.