Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Izzy tagged me to do the book meme.

The rules are: Grab the book nearest to you and open to page 123. Find the fifth sentence and write down the next three sentences and then tage 5 other people.

Okay. My book is Marathon Man, by William Goldman:

"I do, I know, goddammit, believe me--"

"Why should I?--ever--pawing the hell out of her and then putting her on a goddamn rack--"

"That's a business tactic, you soften somebody up first, get them off guard, it means nothing--"

Yeah. That little exchange was between two brothers. The younger one--Babe--had wanted the older one--Doc--to meet his new Scandinavian sweetie--Elsa--and so they had met in a swanky restaurant, whereupon Doc had too often put his hands upon her, perhaps regaling in his Dos Passos-like bronco-busting world-wringing Stock Brokerism. Ostensibly a stock broker--I should make that clear.

It's a good book. I recommend it. Right now, in the book, I'm at the point at which Babe is being tortured for information by the blue-eyed "dentist" after his (Babe's) brother's [redacted]. It makes me cringe every damned time I read about the good dentist jamming a needle into Babe's cavity, into the live nerve.


But, again, I recommend the book.

And I tag: Meagan, Jay, Bunny Bleu, Nighthawk Nan (if she would ever begin blogging again) and JenBun. (Oh! And Frank.)
[Sorry, kids--my hyper-link seems not to be working.]


Jay said...

Let me try to dig up some really intellectual sounding book that I'll just happen to have right next to me when I decide to do this meme. LOL ;-)

Melissa said...

I've never read that one! Please bring it with you tomorrow if you're done with it, as I'll be just about ready for a new one.


Me_Again said...

OK, you tagged me...

The Princess Who Believed in Fairy Tales--A Story for Modern Times

Her mind drifted back to the moment she had first spotted land. She had thought her troubles were over, but the swim had turned out to be an arduous endurance contest. By the time she had reached breakwater, her little remaining energy was completely spent.

I'm Frank said...

Oh boy, now it's my turn to shine!

JenBun said...

I got tagged!

Look for it this week, my dear... :)

Nanette said...

One day I just might. ;)