Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Have you been to the DMV, lately?

I had to go there to fix something with my CDL today.

Here is what I hate: I hate the fact that there are all facets of humanity esconsced inside a seventy-by-seventy. But, what I dislike more, is that the groups of chairs are set facing one another. Facing one another. Why?

It's a human thing: no one wants to make eye-contact; everyone is staring at the ceiling or out the windows or at the passers-by.

I want to ask just one measly question: why could not the seats be set up like a third-grade classroom? Hmm? It'd be great! All seats facing one way. Towards the teachers (the DMV lovlies) and there'd be no uncomfortable eye-contact! It's a win-win! And they could have little posters on the walls. For instance, they could have a kitten clinging to a tree branch and the caption could read "Hang in there, bub." Or they could have another one of a walrus, all tusky and shit, saying (in a talk-bubble), "What? Me worry?" It'd be great. And then maybe also they could have sheets of scrap paper and crayons of every color. That'd be boss! We all could color!

But. No.

We have to sit there, not-eyeing each other for--at the least--thirty-three minutes.

And then, if one has to take a snapshot for his or her license, he or she has to shake off the thirty-plus minutes of stranger-gazing, and look good for the computer camera. It's just bad business, in my humble opinion. It is hard to do.

One thing I like, though? I like that they--perfunctorily, at best, but, sure, yes--they show you the snapshot of your mug and ask you, "Is this aw'ight?" You have a millisecond to persuade them to take another shot. Um.

Me, though? I don't give a hoot. Whatever. My license pictures always suck, so why the heck would I want to "buck the trend," as it were? Exactly. I wouldn't dream of it.

Today, I went there after seven hours of PURE sweating--the other hour was transit time. I was dirty and sweaty--and perhaps smelly--but I didn't care a whit. I smiled like it was the Fourth of July or New Years. Big red-faced teethy smile/snarl at the web-cam.

The woman asked me, "You like?"

I said, "You know what? It's better than the las--wait a second! That's actually not too too bad! Cool."

She informed me that the license would be coming in the mail a couple of weeks and I said, again, "cool," and I walked out the door, free from the prison of El Dee Em Vee.


caleal said...

I was so impressed. The last time I went to the DMV, I went up. I grabbed a number. I walked straight to a person. And I walked out.

Took about six minutes. It was awesome.

Jay said...

We used to have this old hag that was boss at the local DMV office. God she was something else. The place would be packed and she would just wander around and chit-chat with the girls who were supposed to be working, then all of the sudden she would call them all to the back for a coffee break. Even if the girls were in the middle of helping someone they would say "I'm sorry, I'll be right back in 10 minutes. Please have a seat."

She finally retired. I'm sure she'll never die though.

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

Caleal: Wow. Ewe one lucky chick, chica.

Jay-Man: I am laughing my flipping ass off, dude. "I'm sure she'll never die though." The DMV skeleton, crackling, "Okay, girls. Let's take five. The fucking customers can wait."


JenBun said...

They should let us color!

I love to color.

Anonymous said...

The picture on my license is HORRID!!!! I agree that most license picture and pretty bad but seriously, don't ask me what I was thinking...

I wore that stupid black and white polka dot shirt which was ok, BUT I had to wear a matching headband. A HEADBAND!!!! HAHAHA! Oh man, and of course, then there's the chins and the lame smile which isn't really a smile but more like a sideways smirk. Awful.