Saturday, May 08, 2010


As the dogs fight outside, I type here, in our dining room, on a borrowed keyboard, USBd into the oft-sickly laptop. The picture that you see is how one must type, now. Briefly, that is. The computer store that now knows me on a first-name basis loaned me this keyboard whilst they wait for the new one to be delivered. Actually? I'm quite happy. I never thought that laptops could be so easily-fixed. I had always thought that they were prima donnas, reflexively ungh-ungh to the doctors' knives (or, um, screwdrivers).

Fifty or so dollars for a new keyboard installed into the laptop? Not bad, I think. Maybe I'm getting cornholed, but I think the price is fair enough--plus, they loaned me this USB keyboard at no additional cost.

Here is the axiom, then: Treat your laptop like gold. A single spilled sugary beverage can wreak havoc on its interior mechanisms. Trust me. Trust me also on this: Had the slip-slop been more significant, the mother-board would have been fucked. (I got lucky--only the keyboard was affected.) Had the mother-board been compromised? Might as well go shoppin', Tex. Three hundred fifty bones? Might as well buy a new laptop, Tex. This one, though, a Toshiba Satellite, has enough good side, memory- and capability-wise, to have made me consider....

But, no. I'd have waited to purchase a new one. Ben Franklin once said, "A fool and his money are soon parted." Wise words, Foun-Father. Wise words.

(By the way. I put the laptop a little farther up on the table and I positioned the loaned keyboard in typing range. Comfort is key, see?)

Last point: This is not a throw-away world. It may seem like it, but it truly isn't. Nor should it be. Anything worth having is worth fixing....

And that can be applied liberally--like massage oil! ;-)

Postscript: This Duality of Keyboards? It makes for some unwanted but accepted hand-eye coordination. See, I type on the one I'm typing on, but if I want to scroll around in the document, the best way is with the soft mouse of the lappie. So I have to reach over this loaned one and finger-fuck the soft mouse...lightly. It makes a person think.

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