Sunday, August 16, 2009


vacuums, louie--stop
it is NOT a destroyer
don't bite it; it cleans

Lou likes to attack the vacuum on the odd occasion it is used. He jabs at it and bites at it and, basically, it is Dog vs. Machine. I had taped his reaction today to Meagan's vacuuming, but then I tried to edit my camera video.... I was not overly-pleased with my sack-eyed countenance. Having never edited a video on the camera, instead of cutting out my bleary face and leaving the good stuff, I cut out the good stuff and left my bleary face. Oh well. Life is a lesson, right?

I fucked up and Jimmy cracked corn. Regarding both scenarios, I don't care. So I decided to include said video. It was MUCH funnier before I tried to go all Producer on its ass.

Postscript--In the end, though, the full video was still available on the camera. So I uploaded it. Please, pay no attention to my so-called "sack-eyed countenance" and, instead, love my boyo, Louie


Melissa said...

I don't see it! Please repost.

Suldog said...

I don't see it, either. On the bright side, I was just exploring your playlist. Diverse and very cool choices.

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

Missy: Check it out on my Flickr badge. It's there, I know; I just watched it.

Same to you, Sully. Thanks for the props on the playlist. I like all kinds of quality music.

buxindi said...

i saw it! louie was such a protector. and meagan was very focused on her vacuuming. great video. i do think, however, the hose should have a coat of armor on it.

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

Not only the hose, but also the power cord, huh, Mom? =)