Friday, August 07, 2009


It fucking sucked.

The post--though it was an impromptu "yarn"--made me {or the author, the narrator} look like a complete boob. Complete.

I had second thoughts about the picture. The pikshur. That pikshur made me look like an uncomprehending ass. I remember sitting for the picture. My expression was done for effect. For the Slingblade effect. I think I nailed it.

This is the thing about blogs: They are verbal--binary--diarrhea. They slop loud and hard and then they are flushed away. I would like to flush the last post away, I wrote it.

I wrote it.

I'll agree with the last post on one issue: TV sucks ass. It also sucks out bwanes. {Brains.} TV makes a person flooooooooooooooo-oh through four damned hours. Where did the Time go?!

It went in the Beast's belly. I am Him.

I am the Beast.



Melissa said...

Some things are just sketches and mental exercise, you know? There's no boobery judgment.

I'll agree about TV. You know I love it, I watch it, but man can it consume more hours than we realize.

Good night, sleep tight. xoxox

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

Love to you, sis! =o)

Xs; Os.

Suldog said...

TV, for the most part... big hairy donkeys, you know?

I kind of liked the last one, but I also thought Rocky IV should have won the Best Picture Oscar, so you might not want to rely on my judgment.

aleximac said...

lol... "boobery judgement"

Adamity_Bomb_Bomb said...

Sully: What you write, I listen to it. You are a sage man, my friend.

Lexi: LOL, indeed. "Boobery judgement." It sounds damned Seinfeldian, you know? =) Love you, sis.